Thursday, January 23, 2014

Increase Website Conversions: How RapidEngage Does It

Have you wanted to increase website conversions, leads or sales on your website? Have you wanted to increase your email list subscribers? Do you have a need to gather feedback from your website visitors?

Well... watch this quick 1 minute video to see how RapidEngage can help your business engage your website visitors and help you attain many of your desired business metrics.

video by (they are awesome)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RapidEngage: Increasing Website Engagement

rapidengage website engagement platformHi everyone, we have been really busy here and have some major updates to share. First. We have made a strategic decision to move our focus out of the survey space and directly into the website engagement space. So a re-branding of our company is appropriate; we are now RapidEngage.

What does website engagement mean? In the simplest terms it means getting website visitors to take the action that you desire and gaining increased value from them. It means delivering the right content and messaging at the right time to the right user. Increasing the engagement of your website visitors in a measurable way provides incredible value to business owners and marketers.

RapidEngage has set out to solve the problems that every website owner faces: how to increase engagement. This could mean more signups, conversions, pageviews, sales or revenue.  The team has deep experience in driving engagement, where we grew our last company to over 40 million monthly users before being acquired.

We are applying the lessons learned from that business to introduce the construct of "Engagement Layers" to website owners. These Layers effectively and easily allows website owners to drive users behaviors to attain what is most important to their business. And the best part is that it requires no technical knowledge to implement these real time Layers. 

We welcome your feedback and thanks for listening.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Customer Feedback Widget Collects User Data

Have you ever wanted to know what your website visitors were thinking? How valuable would it be to your business if you could collect this data instantly and easily?

With our customer insights widget you can collect data and feedback from your users on any web page on your site. It's as simple as copying and pasting a code snippet on your site and enabling the micro-survey. It only takes about 5 minutes and you are ready to go.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

7 Critical Customer Insights

There are 7 customer insights that are critical to your business. Understanding what your customers think is critical for your business. Gathering these insights and measuring and understanding these insights can help your business. When visitors are on your website you can quickly gather these pieces of data that can help your business.

The price for not gathering this information can be significant to your business. By measuring the input from your customers, you can take corrective action on these key performance indicators (KPI) and improve your business. You can measure the following 7 customer insights and start gathering this information directly from your website with the customer insights widget.
  1. Satisfaction Level
  2. Likelyhood to Recommend your business
  3. Ease of use of website
  4. Loyalty Rating
  5. Product Rating
  6. Happiness with shipping, transaction, product, etc.
  7. Post Sale Satisfaction
You can install the customer insights widget from SlimSurveys in about 5 minutes.
7 critical customer insights

Friday, October 11, 2013

The New Trend: Micro-Surveys VS. Surveys

Who has time for a long survey? The answer increasingly, is fewer and fewer people do. This time challenged lifestyle that we are all a part of increases the value of our time. Consequently, users are increasingly less likely to participate and complete a survey that takes up too much of their valuable time.

There is a new trend occurring in the way that users are willing to share information with companies, businesses and websites. That trend is the fast emerging format of on-site micro-surveys versus traditional long and time consuming surveys. Your customers and website visitors have high expectations and they expect you to respect their time.

They also are showing resistance to having to go to another webpage to take your survey. So the solution is to simply ask them the questions that you need answers to on the page that they are currently visiting. This provides minimal disruption and increased responsiveness and allows you to quickly gather the insights and feedback that your business needs.

So just what is a micro-survey you might ask? A micro-survey is simply what it's name implies. A short micro-survey can be as few as 1 question and as many as 7. The fewer questions that are asked in the micro-survey, the higher the completion rates and more accurate the data gathered becomes. Micro-surveys can also be served directly to your users on the page that they are visiting.

You can try out our micro-survey product and have it gathering customer insights and feedback in about 5 minutes. The benefits to your business can be quite valuable as you will be able to make better informed business decisions based upon the data collected and the customer insights that you gain and can take action upon.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction Quickly

Did you know that you can measure customer loyalty quickly with a customer feedback widget that gathers info directly and instantly on your website? You might have hundreds or thousands of website visitors every day, do you know what they are thinking and if you are meeting or exceeding their expectations?

A critical part of delivering an optimized product market fit; is to gather as much feedback as possible in a very user friendly method. Having deeper insights into the customers mind has typically been done via the old fashioned way of running customer focus groups, which can be costly, time restrictive and biased.

You ultimately want to measure a website visitors satisfaction level at the time that they are interacting with your website (brand/product) to get a true level of satisfaction. This ensures accuracy and reduces friction for users. Your website visitors can provide you the data that you need typically in just a few seconds, and then continue doing the task that they were on your website for.

You can install the customer insights widget to gather this data from any page on your website in about 5 minutes and gain the insights that you need around customer satisfaction. Try it out for free at

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Customer Insights Surveys Now Available On Shopify

Today we rolled out customer insights surveys for Shopify users to increase our footprint and introduce a new audience to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, post and pre-purchase surveys.

The SlimSurveys app for Shopify comes with a 14-day free trial of our unlimited plan and can be found within the app catalog starting today!

Shopify users will be able to take full advantage of what SlimSurveys has to offer including the Customer Insights Widget for their ecommerce website, survey templates to quickly build a variety of surveys like customer satisfaction surveys to post purchase surveys and all the other bells and whistles we have to offer.

This comes shortly after releasing the Google Chrome App at the end of last week to help SlimSurveys Chromes users with another easy way to access and utilize our customer insights surveys.