Thursday, February 14, 2013

Your Logo Sets Your Brand

As a start-up one of the initial priorities is setting the proper brand with a logo that embodies what your product, user experience, vision and company are all about. Setting that brand expectation with the logo is never quite as easy as it might appear on the surface.

We went through many iterations and concepts during this process. Starting with some conceptual sketches, turning them into digital designs and then eliminating the ones that did not resonate is the first part of this process.

After we narrowed it down to 2-3 designs that felt good, we kept going back to our core vision and tag line "Surveys Made Simple". Did our logo embody and convey that? We initially had a lot of designs with a separate icon next to the brand name. It did not quite fit.

So we worked on a way to make it as simple as possible. Less is more and pure simplicity is what we kept going back to, as that is core to our vision.

We focused on these additional issues. Where do we focus your eye and mind? How can fonts help tell the story? What colors should it be and why as color plays a key role in how people psychologically perceive your brand.

What we finally created as our logo design embodies what our vision is for our brand, product and users. It conveys on many levels; some obvious, some not so obvious. Over time it will become more apparent why we chose this logo design. We are pretty stoked about it!
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