Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How To Create Your Web Design Style Guide

Now that the majority of the programing for our web app is complete it's time to add some design elements to our "slim" survey application. We have gotten to the next step in our software development phase where it's design time. So, let's begin!

The style guide that we need to make will be used with our wireframes as part of the blueprint of how we will work with the "interior designer", in this case our web developer, to make our app come to life. It's where the functionality that has already been programmed becomes, well...functional!

Now, unless we were at some big company or consulting we wouldn't typically create a style guide. Since we want to show you some of the stuff that goes into building a web app, in this case SlimSurveys, we thought we would share some of the items you should think about when you build your web application.

Our style guide goes over some basic things including typography, color scheme, and button types that we'll use within our survey app. It's pretty simple and quick to put one of these together. As you do it, like we did below, you'll try different fonts, colors and buttons until it feels right. After you check out the one we created below it's your turn. Enjoy!