Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Secret Rocket Fuel for Your Startup

You want some rocket fuel for your startup? Yeah, don't we all.  Here's what you need to do...

When we launched TweetPhoto back in 2009 our company grew from zero monthly users to 30 million monthly users in 18 months. You're probably wondering how we did it. And you're also probably wondering how you can do it with your startup. First off, not all rocket ships are built the same. And yours better be able to handle rocket fuel...

As we build our new rocket ship, SlimSurveys, we are making sure to find the best, the very best for our product offering so it can handle high-grade rocket fuel (R-P1). When you build a rocket ship you need the very best people, parts and partners. Maybe some other things too, but you get the idea. Your rocket ship is only as solid as what it's made up of, and those that build and support it.

Don’t settle to work with any partner that offers less than exceptional quality, service and reliability. Work with partners that will put your customers first and exceed your expectations time and time again. If you are working with a partner that makes nuts and bolts, aluminum paneling or the hardware that runs mission control and they aren’t living up to your expectations, you're going to let down a lot of people, including your customers.

Today we are pleased to have once again partnered with Rackspace, the best hosting company on the planet, and join their Startup Program. The company shares our values of being customer focused, offering exceptional customer service and support, and always exceeding customer expectations. When our customers use SlimSurveys they can count on reliable hardware to help run our rocket ship. And for the secret rocket about building the best rocket ship first. That's what we're doing.

Disclosure: We are not rocket scientists, nor was one consulted before publishing this blog post.