Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gathering Consumer Insights Quickly

Gathering consumer insights can be a challenge for any sized business from Fortune 100, to consumer packaged goods, to retailers, to new companies. The big challenge is how do you gather those insights quickly and accurately while still delighting the consumer? 

These are the sorts of things that keep us up at night as we continually think about reinventing this feedback and gathering channel and improving the consumer experience. One of the key learning's from our research is that consumers put a high value on their time. They are willing to give less than a minute of their time rather easily with little resistance, to give feedback and take a microsurvey. Any amount of time greater than a minute and people begin to have negative emotions and become frustrated, annoyed and impatient.

The other key learning from our research is that consumers want to be able to give feedback quickly from their mobile device without any significant amount of typing. In fact most prefer to merely tap in order to give feedback via micro-interactions.

On of the best practices for gathering consumer insights is determining exactly when is the right time to ask them to take a microsurvey of 7 questions or less? Is it immediately after purchase? Is it immediately after shipment, or is it timed to ask them at an optimal time of the day for them; such as early morning before the day starts to bury them.

Three additional benefits of the SlimSurveys experience as it relates to gathering consumer insights:

  • Your response rates typically be much higher if you tell the consumers that the survey will take 30 seconds or less; and if you tell them that the survey is mobile friendly. (as many consumers read email on their phone and reading and responding to email is the #1 use of cell phones in the US *emarketer 2013)
  • Your survey completion rates will be much higher than industry standards.
  • Your survey abandonment rates will be much less than a typical survey.
In closing, here is a link to a great Forbes article about the 3 essential elements for turning consumer insights into profitable action.