Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SlimSurveys Goes Live! We are ready for prime-time.

We are so very excited to share the news that we have officially launched SlimSurveys. You can now say goodbye to time sucking surveys. You can now quickly create time-saving 7 question micro-surveys that your users can complete in under 30 seconds. (p.s. you can have less than 7 questions if you like)

Marketers have always had a problem of getting users to take and complete surveys. SlimSurveys has solved this age old problem with a highly innovative solution. Try it out for Free.

We have also received quite a few very positive blog posts about our solution, what we are doing and how it can help businesses, companies and marketers get instantaneous customer feedback. Here are a few of them:

We should also take this time to thank our hundreds of beta users who gave us a lot of insightful feedback on what we could do to improve the product. We received hundreds of points of feedback and listened and tried to incorporate some great ideas that came from the beta users to make the product even better. Thanks!

We are not done yet and we will continue to work expeditiously to improve and enhance the survey taking experience. Feel free to reach out anytime, we are here for you.


Daniel, Sean & Rodney
The SlimSurveys Team
Woo Hoo! We are live!