Monday, June 24, 2013

Surveying Your Customers: Startup Weekend

This past weekend we had the pleasure to be involved with Startup Weekend San Diego as both a sponsor and as coaches for the teams. This was our first event at Startup Weekend as a sponsor and it was fantastic. One of the main criteria that the 12 participant teams are judged on is customer validation of their business ideas. They need to ask a variety of questions from survey participants in order to validate some of their key assumptions.

The teams then gather feedback from their SlimSurveys which allows them to adjust their product offering, change pricing structure, find out what features users find important or totally change their idea and pivot if their initial assumptions prove to not resonate with the survey respondents.

The bottom line is they are getting quick feedback from as many people as possible in a very short time frame. 10 of the 12 participating teams used SlimSurveys for this customer feedback and validation process. You can see an embedded survey tab on the UrbnEscape teams site.

One of the great things about being involved in this sort of environment is that we actually get to watch users interacting with our product and seeing where there is friction, confusion and happiness. The team members provided us with some great product feedback about SlimSurveys as they told us what they liked and what features they wished we had.

The teams all did a great job and there is something magical about being in a room with 100+ people that all want to create and build companies that solve problems. It was a pleasure to a part of the high energy weekend.