Friday, June 28, 2013

The Ever Diminishing Attention Span of Consumers

The value of brevity might be greater than you think... Recently while doing a lightning 1 minute micro-pitch about SlimSurveys at the Tech Cocktail San Diego Event something interesting happened. I had 60 seconds to pitch to the group of 100+ tech savvy attendees about what we do and the problem we solve. The 7 presenters that went before me all used their full 60 seconds and some went over the time limit. My turn came and I knocked it out in 45 seconds. It made for a fun and quick interaction that left people wanting more...

The real time mobile voting from the attendees for the most promising company after the pitches took 1 minute. The real time projected chart showed the results. We ended up on top when the voting was done (in a tie).

The point of this story is in our current world, people have an attention span that is ever diminishing and that people like to express and give feedback via their mobile phones very quickly. 

You will see in this 6 second Vine micro-video that I actually had people participate in an old school survey mechanism by raising their hands to self identify, express their opinion and align with the problem we solve.