Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time is Money. SlimSurveys can be completed in 30 seconds or less.

As Ben Franklin has said "Time is money" and "Lost time is never found again". When asked which is more important: time or money, the overwhelming majority of people answer that they actually value time more than money. This problem of time was one of the motivating factors that inspired us to build SlimSurveys.

The number one complaint that we heard when we began research in this market is that "Surveys take too much time to complete". We live in a time constrained world and we wanted to solve this problem with a solution that allowed users to complete a survey in 30 seconds or less.

The SlimSurvey science is that we only show consumers 1 question at a time, and only a maximum of 7 questions. This allows users to simply tap to answer survey questions on their mobile devices and complete the survey very rapidly. “In much the same way that Twitter transformed communication by limiting it to 140 characters; we are constraining the survey experience to its optimal and minimalist essence." 

We also researched when people would have small bursts of free time. What we found was that life is full of 30 second pauses everyday. People have 30 second pauses while they are waiting in line to order food, waiting for the train, riding in the car, waiting for TV commercials, etc. During these pauses of free time people always have their phone with them, making it the optimal time to take a quick 30 second survey.

Marketers and businesses need to be more respectful of consumers time and create surveys that will get them the feedback that they need in a way that consumers enjoy. 

Try it for yourself and see SlimSurveys in action with this embedded survey by taking the sample survey below.