Thursday, July 25, 2013

Big Fixes, Speed Improvements and Simpler Pricing

This week our team released some exciting changes that you're gonna love. The SlimSurveys app was more or less re-written from the ground up setting the table for some pretty exciting products and features to come. We will be making some announcements soon that will make your micro-survey experience across the web even better. So stay tuned!

The changes we released this week fixed a lot of bugs and nitpicks making the application more user-friendly. One of the best features we added this week is speed. Yep, our engineering team added major speed improvements through the app most noticeable on mobile devices with a 3G connection.

Here is a list of some of the other things you'll notice when you use SlimSurveys next time:

  • Image uploader in the survey builder is really quick
  • The full image you upload is resized and displayed (no more automatic cropping!)
  • You can now delete images from questions in the survey builder (woohoo!)
  • Polls, one question surveys, got a "loading" screen for slow internet connections
  • The polling question is now displayed on the results page
  • Error messages are standardized and easy to read throughout the app
  • Notifications load nicely in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen
  • Emoticons now have a consistent look and feel
  • Spellcheck in browsers now works in the survey builder (for the aspiring spelling bee champs!)
  • We now display the number of seconds it takes people to complete your survey in CSV exports
  • Added spinners to all buttons so you know the app is doing something
  • Added helper text throughout the app to guide you (like a sherpa on a great expedition!)
  • Know exactly what question is selected in the survey builder with better design
  • Auto-saving questions and answers as you make changes in the survey builder
In addition to making a lot of improvements to the app we've also simplified our pricing page. You will now have a much easier time identifying with the plan that is best for you. Additionally, we now offer demos by appointment if you want to speak with our sales team and have them show you the power of micro-surveys.