Monday, July 8, 2013

Email opened more on mobile than desktop. How this will impact the success of your survey.

Mobile email consumption rates have been on the rise for some time. For the first time ever, more email is opened on mobile devices than on desktops according to a study by Litmus. 43% of email is opened on a mobile device versus 32% on desktop.

There are many reasons this is significant. Specifically if you are sending people an email and asking them to take your survey and they open it on their mobile device, they most likely will not take a long survey or one that is not mobile optimized. This means your response rates will continue to decline. Your completion rates will also decline.

Marketers and brands need to adapt their tactics when asking users to take surveys. Smart marketers will embrace the new trend of 7 question micro-surveys that are mobile optimized if they want users to participate in a survey, especially on their mobile device. What do you think?