Friday, July 12, 2013

Micro-Survey Demo Results

We had the pleasure to present last night at Demo Night San Diego to a packed room of about 200 people with 7 other start-ups during Tech Week. Basically you get 5 minutes to pitch and demo. I asked by a show of hands how many people in the room have taken a digital survey and every hand went up. I then asked them to keep their hands up if it was a bad experience; every hand stayed raised. 100% participation rate, 100% completion rate of my grade school hand raising survey.

The pain point that SlimSurveys solves was clearly resonating with the audience. One major distinction between us and every other survey software company is that we put the focus on the consumer experience. It is all about them having a great experience that is EZ, fast, fun and delights them; while at the same time providing highly valuable feedback to the survey creator.

Here is what an attendee at the event tweeted after taking the survey.

The construct and invention of a 7 question micro-survey could be compared to how Twitter changed blogging to micro-blogging. The quick mobile interaction optimized micro-surveys allow users to give businesses information (taking a micro-survey) that fits today's mobile-centric lifestyle. It is also important to note that our question types are focused on micro-interactions of tapping versus typing as well as the option to include images to support the survey questions.

At the end of the demo I displayed a QR code for people to take a survey right there on their phones and rate our demo. This is the SlimSurveys micro-survey, feel free to take it for a test run.

Here are some of the results. Worthy of note is the 89.7% completion rate from the 24 people who took the 6 question micro survey.