Thursday, August 8, 2013

SlimSurveys Spotted in the Wild

SlimSurveys – in the wild – at Tuesday's event.
I'm continually amazed how quick and easy it is to take a survey created on our SlimSurveys platform. Although we advertise that it takes 30 seconds, many surveys feel like they only take half that time since they're so simple and engaging.

Earlier this week, the SlimSurveys team attended an event sponsored by Qualcomm as part of CommNexus's Headliner program. At the start of Tuesday's event the CEO of CommNexus, Rory Moore, highlighted that a SlimSurvey QR code was printed on the back of the event program. Rory took great pride in the fact that he personally reviewed the questions to make sure they were meaningful. No softball questions allowed. I, of course, took the survey, myself.

The best part was seeing the woman next to me – who I didn't know or speak to – scanning the SlimSurvey QR code to see what it was all about. And now we're making surveys even easier with this week's release of our public APIs to create questions and fetch responses.

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