Friday, August 9, 2013

Customer Series: LifePlay Sees Explosion in Survey Completion Rates

This is a guest post by Ashley McGuire ZeMans, Founder & CEO of LifePlay Productions. Ashley has been working with children in a variety of roles for 25 years. She is also an active director, helping local schools bring their students to the stage in a wide variety of productions.

Our LifePlay team has a laser-like focus on providing exceptional service to our clients, and engaging them in conversation.  We believe in listening more than speaking, and in providing all of our customers opportunities to let us know what they’re thinking.  This is the only way we will continue to deliver the innovation and high level of programs for which LifePlay is known.  From the classroom to the boardroom, and every space in between, LifePlay delivers tools for empowerment through play.  An empowered person makes his or her voice heard in an appealing, assertive, and effective manner, creating more joy and peace in the world around him, and empowering others to do the same.

Our cutting-edge innovation in the classroom fosters a revived sense of wonder and play in adults and children, and generates deep empathetic and joyful feelings.  This type of innovation is matched by LifePlay’s use of technology to nurture a constant flow of conversation between client and service provider.  As a small business, exceptional customer service along with engaging uses of technology is a key to staying at the front of the marketplace.  

We know our clients are busy - moms and dads, business owners, CEO’s, human resource directors, organization heads, all pushing to fit just one more thing in their day while wading through the digital Wild West, everyone vying for attention.  We make our business listening, and we want to make it incredibly easy for our customers to talk.  That’s why LifePlay has chosen to use the amazing, simple, and fun products of SlimSurveys.

SlimSurveys is just our style - fun, engaging, simplified conversation.  We have tried many different survey options and most have proven to be time consuming to build and have yielded a lackluster response rate.  Our team has found SlimSurveys to be fun to use on the creation end, with just enough choices so we can completely personalize the experience, but the right built-in parameters to keep it from being a labor-intensive chore.  Our clients showed us immediately that they, also, really appreciated the engaging look and feel of SlimSurveys, when the first survey went out and our response rate exploded (93.8%)!  The responses quickly flooded in, giving us results that showed we were, indeed, keeping those clients happy and could expect a high return rate in our next sales cycle, helping us with more accurate sales projections.

We believe, and our clients tell us, that LifePlay is all about the experience.  The experiences that children and adults have with LifePlay help move them to a place of higher productivity, deeper joy, and more peaceful lives.  Our entire team feels that our SlimSurveys experience has done the same for us.