Thursday, August 1, 2013

Micro-Survey API Released To Developers

We are pleased to release the SlimSurveys micro-survey API to our customers as well as developers, publishers and enterprise companies looking for new tools beyond the traditional extraction of data that most survey companies offer today. The platform was built as a true REST API, focusing on being lightweight and performant, supporting both XML and JSON. We plan to continue growing our API offering the most expansive micro-survey API on the web. 

We have unlocked the high-value core functionality of our product and exposed it for you to build anything you can dream up. The SlimSurveys API allows also you to easily add functionality to any web app or mobile platform, including iOS and Android, by seamlessly integrating micro-surveys and other micro-interaction functionality. The best thing about our platform is that it lets you leverage an entire survey infrastructure without the need to support or manage one. 

We are very excited to see what kind of interesting applications and integrations come out of our platform. There are countless use cases for this new micro-survey API. That means you can build the next hottest "instant opinion" app, collect in-app feedback to improve your user experience and prevent bad reviews ending up in the AppStore, build a review and recommendation app or whatever tickles your fancy! The possibilities are quite far reaching in the sense that this now allows any developer to ask questions and gather responses from their audience, which could apply to virtually any market. 

If you are a developer interested in checking out the micro-survey API you can request documentation and an API key on our developer portal. There are also opportunities for developers to partner with us to earn income building SlimSurveys native applications for a variety of web and mobile platforms. Feel free to drop us a line if you're interested in learning more