Monday, August 12, 2013

New Auto Refresh Feature Makes Realtime Feedback Easy

Wouldn't you love it if surveys had an optional "auto refresh" mode to collect in-person customer feedback using the same device? Well, you're in luck! We've heard from a handful of our customers that want a simple way to collect real-time customer feedback using an iPad right at the point of sale..."How would you rate our customer service?"

Now you can do this... You can enable this new "auto refresh" feature on Step 1 of the survey creation process. Just tick the "Enabled Auto Refresh" checkbox. This will automatically refresh your survey 10 seconds after a customer completes it. That way the survey restarts on question one, ready and waiting for the next customer to complete it.

Whether you're at an event and want attendees to answer your survey or you own a retail store and want to collect real-time customer feedback at the point of sale , this "auto refresh" feature allows you to quickly collect real-time feedback from multiple people using the same device. Try it out now!