Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Request a Demo and Learn How to Obtain Mega Customer Insights

We're making the process of getting started with SlimSurveys a whole lot easier. Over the last couple of weeks we've been testing a new feature on our homepage "Request Demo" and have noticed significant interest in people wanting to learn more about SlimSurveys. Whether you are an existing customer or new to SlimSurveys, requesting a demo is a way great way to dive into the product, to learn more, and the best part it is free (if you have 15 to 20 minutes to spare)! During our time together on the phone we will walk you through the product and show you how to obtain mega customer insights using a micro-survey to capture data. Additionally, we will highlight how you can use some of the bells and whistles to make collecting data quick and easy. You can request a demo on our contact page, email sales@slimsurveys.com  or call 1-888-602-1480.