Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Empowering Marketers to Collect Customer Feedback on Their Website

Sending surveys via email to a list of customers is the way of the past. With email engagement on the decline you need to collect data where your customers are more likely to engage with a survey, your website! 

We are pleased to introduce a new way, a better way, of collecting data using SlimSurveys. Starting today you can add a Website Feedback Widget that sits in the lower right-hand corner of your website to run surveys and collect customer insights. What we wanted to do is empower you, a marketer, to run surveys on your website without the constant need to get your tech team involved in making website changes. 

And now it's really easy to get started. Just add a tiny snippet of JavaScript code into your website to enable the Website Feedback Widget on your website. If you do not know how to do this we give you an easy way to email the instructions to your developer.

Once the tiny snippet of code has been placed into every page of your website code where you want the Website Feedback Widget to appear you can turn surveys on/off from within your account (in My Surveys). If none of your surveys are turned "on" then the widget will not appear. When a survey is turned on it appears within a few seconds of a webpage loading in its entirety. 

And there's more (which is optional). If your website has registered customers you can share with us their email address or some other unique identifier so that you can pin survey responses to individual respondents as they answer your survey. This functionality requires a little bit of coding to pass us a customer's unique identifier unless your website is Backplane-enabled.

Collecting customer feedback using surveys that run on your website has never been easier. Give it a go and let us know what you think.