Thursday, September 5, 2013

Helping You Maintain the Integrity of Your Data

We created some new features on SlimSurveys to help you be more productive. We blogged about a couple of these features last week including the "Copy Survey" and "Clear Responses" options from within the Actions button in the My Surveys section. Great!

While these new features will save you a lot of time, they will also allow you to maintain the integrity of your data once you distribute your survey and receive responses. If you try editing a survey that already has data associated with it you'll receive an alert informing you of such. To protect the integrity of your data you will want to press the Copy button. Copy will let you create an identical survey without altering the results you collected from the original survey. However, this option will require you to redistribute your survey. The Clear Responses & Edit button is best used if you can't redistribute your survey and want to erase previously collected results and start over.

Preserving the integrity of the data is a stepping stone for us to continue to build out our Customer Insights tools that we will be launching soon. Imagine collecting data and receiving customer insights without having to do any work in Excel. That's what we are working on now! =)