Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Introducing Survey Templates at SlimSurveys

We're constantly trying to create new ways to make it easier to build surveys while at the same time showing you all the ways you can use SlimSurveys.  Nothing made more sense to us than offering templates for some of the most commonly used surveys on our site.

The next time you create a survey you'll notice over 10 new templates for you to choose from. These survey templates are a great addition to the Website Feedback Widget we recently launched, which allows you to run surveys on your website.

The templates we launched include Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Satisfaction, Website Usability, Website Intention, Website Improvement, Product Feedback, General Feedback and much more. While we're offering these new survey templates you can always create a custom survey or change an existing template by adding or removing questions and text to make it better suited for your business.