Tuesday, October 15, 2013

7 Critical Customer Insights

There are 7 customer insights that are critical to your business. Understanding what your customers think is critical for your business. Gathering these insights and measuring and understanding these insights can help your business. When visitors are on your website you can quickly gather these pieces of data that can help your business.

The price for not gathering this information can be significant to your business. By measuring the input from your customers, you can take corrective action on these key performance indicators (KPI) and improve your business. You can measure the following 7 customer insights and start gathering this information directly from your website with the customer insights widget.
  1. Satisfaction Level
  2. Likelyhood to Recommend your business
  3. Ease of use of website
  4. Loyalty Rating
  5. Product Rating
  6. Happiness with shipping, transaction, product, etc.
  7. Post Sale Satisfaction
You can install the customer insights widget from SlimSurveys in about 5 minutes.
7 critical customer insights