Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction Quickly

Did you know that you can measure customer loyalty quickly with a customer feedback widget that gathers info directly and instantly on your website? You might have hundreds or thousands of website visitors every day, do you know what they are thinking and if you are meeting or exceeding their expectations?

A critical part of delivering an optimized product market fit; is to gather as much feedback as possible in a very user friendly method. Having deeper insights into the customers mind has typically been done via the old fashioned way of running customer focus groups, which can be costly, time restrictive and biased.

You ultimately want to measure a website visitors satisfaction level at the time that they are interacting with your website (brand/product) to get a true level of satisfaction. This ensures accuracy and reduces friction for users. Your website visitors can provide you the data that you need typically in just a few seconds, and then continue doing the task that they were on your website for.

You can install the customer insights widget to gather this data from any page on your website in about 5 minutes and gain the insights that you need around customer satisfaction. Try it out for free at