Friday, October 11, 2013

The New Trend: Micro-Surveys VS. Surveys

Who has time for a long survey? The answer increasingly, is fewer and fewer people do. This time challenged lifestyle that we are all a part of increases the value of our time. Consequently, users are increasingly less likely to participate and complete a survey that takes up too much of their valuable time.

There is a new trend occurring in the way that users are willing to share information with companies, businesses and websites. That trend is the fast emerging format of on-site micro-surveys versus traditional long and time consuming surveys. Your customers and website visitors have high expectations and they expect you to respect their time.

They also are showing resistance to having to go to another webpage to take your survey. So the solution is to simply ask them the questions that you need answers to on the page that they are currently visiting. This provides minimal disruption and increased responsiveness and allows you to quickly gather the insights and feedback that your business needs.

So just what is a micro-survey you might ask? A micro-survey is simply what it's name implies. A short micro-survey can be as few as 1 question and as many as 7. The fewer questions that are asked in the micro-survey, the higher the completion rates and more accurate the data gathered becomes. Micro-surveys can also be served directly to your users on the page that they are visiting.

You can try out our micro-survey product and have it gathering customer insights and feedback in about 5 minutes. The benefits to your business can be quite valuable as you will be able to make better informed business decisions based upon the data collected and the customer insights that you gain and can take action upon.