Monday, October 7, 2013

Top 7 Micro-Survey Best Practices

Top 7 Micro-Survey Best Practices
The Top 7 Micro-Survey Best Practices
When utilizing micro-surveys to collect information, data and insights from your website visitors you should follow these best practices to generate the best results possible.

1. Keep it short. The point of a micro survey is to be able to ask 1-7 questions and gather data quickly without burdening your participant with unnecessary questions.

2. Stay focused. Don't try to do too much. For example your micro-survey should focus on one topic. For example focus on customer satisfaction or loyalty.

3. Ask relevant questions. Don't ask survey questions that are not relevant and actionable. Nice to know questions should not be included.

4. Allow free form feedback. Allow users to tell you in free form what they are thinking and how they think you can improve.

5. Make answering simple. Leverage simple question types with tiny micro-interactions that allow users to answer easily and not have to think too hard.

6. Keep users onsite. Don't take them to another page in your website to complete the survey. Most users abandon surveys that take them to another another page. This lowers your survey completion rates.

7. Make it fun. Make completing the micro-survey feel like a happy experience. Users that can complete the micro-survey quickly have a positive experience and think more positively about your brand and business.

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