Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RapidEngage: Increasing Website Engagement

rapidengage website engagement platformHi everyone, we have been really busy here and have some major updates to share. First. We have made a strategic decision to move our focus out of the survey space and directly into the website engagement space. So a re-branding of our company is appropriate; we are now RapidEngage.

What does website engagement mean? In the simplest terms it means getting website visitors to take the action that you desire and gaining increased value from them. It means delivering the right content and messaging at the right time to the right user. Increasing the engagement of your website visitors in a measurable way provides incredible value to business owners and marketers.

RapidEngage has set out to solve the problems that every website owner faces: how to increase engagement. This could mean more signups, conversions, pageviews, sales or revenue.  The team has deep experience in driving engagement, where we grew our last company to over 40 million monthly users before being acquired.

We are applying the lessons learned from that business to introduce the construct of "Engagement Layers" to website owners. These Layers effectively and easily allows website owners to drive users behaviors to attain what is most important to their business. And the best part is that it requires no technical knowledge to implement these real time Layers. 

We welcome your feedback and thanks for listening.